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Too much art, not enough space!

The Art Club have been working so hard for their upcoming exhibition that they have been creating work at an alarming rate.

We now have so much art work so we will have a tough job choosing what to exhibit!

Here is a snapshot of what they get up to at the club and their latest creations, coming to an exhibition space near you soon… If you live near Redditch that is! Enjoy!

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Art-angel Gabriel of Matchborough

The last few weeks have been busy for our Arrow Vale students as they have been working hard to recycle an old mannequin into an art-angel at ‘Your Ideas’.

It all started with a mannequin from the Worcester Resource Exchange…

  • We then sanded the mannequin down and spray painted it metallic gold.
  • Then came the blue and gold beaded highlighted hair and the tribal-esque tattoo on his upper back.
  • His chest was then embellished with coins from a mix of different countries (some were eyed up by local youngsters thinking they could use them at the local chippy!).
  • We then started a patterned tattoo leg sleeve to add to his eclectic look.
  • A visit from artist Callum Marshall gave Gabriel an incredible set of life size wings using wood, wire, cling film and tissue paper.
  • The next stage will be to paper mache the wings, spray paint them gold and add designs on them. Then we will work on covering the rest of his body.

I’m sure you will agree that he is already an impressive addition to our project, we can’t wait to see him finished so we can display him in our window for all of Matchborough to see!

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Recycle, reuse, reduce!

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Quick update on how our recycling project is going (mainly the cardboard birds), who knew you could make such lovely things out of old scraps. The work will feature in our upcoming exhibition in Redditch, fronted by our Art Club with help from artist Rich Inwood – more details will follow in the next few months when we have created even more masterpieces and secured a venue.

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When Art Attacked – Canvass and wall based art

We have such a diverse collection of art at the Your Ideas centre it would be criminal not to share it.

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Another busy week at Your Ideas…

Another week has passed and the centre is rapidly filling up with new artwork, the youngsters are just churning it out! Our recycling theme is really taking off and is saving the planet/our bank balance too 😉

Our Art Attack inspired Croc is now complete and is being displayed in our window in Matchborough Centre, Redditch.

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When Art Attacks at Your Ideas Redditch

One of our regular members came in last week inspired by something he had seen created on Art Attack. We left him to his own devices and pointed him in the direction of resources he would ask for every now and then, until he came up with this beauty! It just needs some last finishing touches and it will be complete, and a welcome addition to the Your Ideas Redditch project.

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Using tiny pieces to create masterpieces.

Our Art Club have started work on their mosaic project by recycling old canvasses using wallpaper paste, random scraps of paper, old cds and glitter to produce mini masterpieces.

These pieces are now on display in our window at the Your Ideas Redditch headquarters in Matchborough. We will be updating the window display often to showcase the work the art club are creating so please pop by and check it out 🙂

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Saving the planet, one cardboard creature at a time..

Today we got cracking with the first recycling project of the year, with the help of one enthusiastic but bored young man. What started as an innocent conversation, ended in a 2 hour Art Attack style craft session. Here are the fruits of our labour!

Just need to paint them and find a way of fixing them to our ever expanding wall mural now, will post a pic when I figure out how :).

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