January at Spectrum Orange Club

Two sessions into 2013 and the younger Spectrum Club, funded by Children in Need is in full swing.

We have had several awesome new members join in the last few months and the group has swelled! Luckily we have also had a few new peer volunteers who have been on hand to help out with the expanding group size. Having never actively advertised the group this is testament to how valuable word of mouth and how little provision there is for young people with Aspergers Syndrome in Redditch. We are now using a waiting list to take referrals for the group as we would struggle to keep the high quality service with any more new members at the moment.

Our recent additions have been very vocal about how much they love the group which is always lovely to hear!

One member declared he is going to come to every session there is for this group as he absolutely loves it.

Another announced that he loves the Spectrum Club as it makes him feel comfortable.

One parent told staff her child came home after his first session and would not stop talking about the great time he had and couldn’t wait to come back again.

We are just so pleased to be able to offer such a well needed service to youngsters with Aspergers who clearly enjoy it.

Below are some photos from the last two sessions so you can have a sneak peek into the world of our Spectrum Club…

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