London Calling!

As the Sex & Relationships dvd resource is now completed it was time we honored the reward of a day out in London for the lads involved. Both had never been to the capital and were full of stereotypes and stories of what they imagined it to be like.

We did warn them that it was not populated exclusively by cockneys singing and dancing chirpily around the city like in Mary Poppins, and neither was it like the sinister gangster films they had seen where everyone carries a weapon and the city is one big ghetto. So with that cleared up they were able to find out for themselves.

The day started early with 2 car journeys, a train and the tube leaving us right outside Big Ben which was so overwhelming they both nearly fell over when they turned the corner and first set eyes on it.

After a short wander taking in the iconic sights we boarded the Thames Clipper and saw London from the water…

By this point we were hungry so we grabbed something quick to eat and played spot the celebrity lookalike, the highlights being Pat Butchers sister and power couple Jay Z & Beyonce who were the best lookalikes by far!

We then headed to St Pauls Cathedral to be amazed by the interior and to scale the ridiculous amount of steps for the best view of London, stopping by in the incredible Whispering Gallery on the way up.

After completing the stairs and feeling like we had done a work out at the gym we meandered around the centre trying to see as much as we could. These classy London birds were treating themselves to a spot of afternoon tea…

This led us to Nandos which we had planned on trying out whilst in London, sadly we didn’t see any Nandos black card welding celebrities but the food was good all the same.

After the big feed we bumbled around Soho, Carnaby, Regent and Oxford Street and headed back to Marylebone Station to make our way back to Redditch.

Excellent photo opportunity for a group photo, cheesey grins all round!

One sweaty tube trip, one train journey and 2 car trips later and we arrived back in Redditch absolutely shattered but happy!


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