Latest and greatest update!

So it’s been a while since I have had chance to properly update on the day to day going ons at Your Ideas Redditch headquarters in Matchborough, so here is the latest and greatest from the last month…

-Our Princes Trust/Ben Kinsella Trust project ‘Fix up look sharp’ has been and gone – with great success! Check out the full blog post for more here – 

-This project will feed nicely into our next project in which we will be working with local youngsters on a football project funded by Sport England. This project will engage with hard to reach young people who may struggle to access mainstream football sessions.

-Our Art Club currently have a small exhibition of their work displayed in the Redditch Palace Theatre for a few weeks which is open to the general public to view. They are also about to exhibit their work in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre (Opposite Waterstones/Sports Direct). This will be for the duration of July and will include the Art Angel Gabriel of Matchborough and much more.

-The Spectrum Club are growing in numbers thanks to continued referrals from the Pear Tree Health Centre in Redditch. The groups have an exciting summer ahead with a trip to the West Midlands Safari Park for the younger members and Paintballing at Delta Force for the older members.

-Spectrum Club volunteer Mick Fitzgerald donated and helped fix up a dart board in the centre for the members to use which has already proven popular. One of our younger members was caught by our camera after he managed to hit a bullseye!

-Our 50+ WIG group celebrated the Queens Jubilee with a lunch and games session, Val was victorious yet again in Bingo this time winning both line and full house.

-Artist Callum visited for a week and delivered art masterclasses to our youngsters with great success. Our members loved having him around and the chance to get the spray cans out and do some graffiti work.

-We were visited this week by Chief Executive of Redditch Borough Council Kevin Dicks who was impressed by our project and it’s transformation since his last visit when we first opened.

-It has come time to let go of some of our Arrow Vale year 11 students as they are free to enjoy their summers now exams are over. We are offering further support to ensure they are sorted for September with visits from New College support staff and a Connexions worker. This has been successful with all year 11’s taking up the extra support and attending voluntarily to organize college places.

-Our short digital films funded by Awards for All and produced by Chris Bradley are now finished and we have the final copy! We are so impressed with the quality and are eager for young people to see them and feedback on what they think. They are brutally honest, open and in some parts crude, so the perfect resource for Sexual Health and Relationships Education. Please contact for more information –

-As mentioned in previous posts our young people are representatives on the Young Commissioning Advisors panel and have attended a training day at Upton Warren Outdoor Education Centre and a further planning meeting hosted at our beautiful centre in Matchborough. We have found that the younger more disaffected members we initially managed to involve have struggled to engage further due to outside factors and the formal process and content proving a challenge to excite them. Two of our members have managed to stay involved in the process as they have the experience and skills to look reflectively at what services were of benefit to them and why. They have been able to contribute valuable information to the process and we are so proud!

Just need to wait and see how the Positive Activities Commissioning in Redditch develops and how the £185,000 will be spent across the town.

Think that’s it for now…

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One thought on “Latest and greatest update!

  1. bruno says:

    Reading your updates\always gives me a lift. how can I get a copy of the dvd?

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