Redditch Young Advisors Training

3 of our brilliant youngsters attended the Worcestershire Young Advisor Training Day on the 20th May at Upton Warren, this meant an early morning wake up call of 9.30am on a Sunday morning, ouch!

The morning involved learning about the commissioning of positive activities money in Redditch for young people. One of the activities was to list all the problems in their local areas…

They then had to look at how to solve these problems with the commissioning money available. We were so proud of our youngsters as they thought of very valid problems and some excellent solutions, not bad for a sunday 😉

After lunch they donned harnesses and helmets and went off to challenge themselves on the high ropes course. As you can see they were absolute naturals!

After testing themselves at some serious heights they ended the day with a quick evaluation of their day…

What he enjoyed about the day…

His very honest answer to what he didn’t enjoy about the day…

As the lads did so well throughout the day they were treated to a McDonalds on the way home, after some amazing group car-aoke to the radio of course!

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