Breaking News – Firefit Eggstravaganza Final Total

Our Fire Fit Health Challenge on March 9th was a raging success as you will know if you have been following our blog (see links below).

As you may know we received generous donations from local shops, residents and well wishers on the day of which every penny is to be used at Your Ideas to fund our work with the local community.

Last Friday we received the last of our donations which was for a whooping £340 from a single donor. It was a bit of a Secret Millionaire moment at the project as we couldn’t believe that one person could raise so much!

The amazing donor was Louise Larvin the daughter of one of our WIG group members (Sue Shaw), who attended the local school as a youngster and felt there was nothing to do in the area for youngsters back then. She was so impressed by our project and the work that we do that she wanted to help us out and raised an admirable amount of money to help further our work.

She also took part in the event and received a certificate from the Mayor of Redditch Anita Clayton.

This additional donation now brings our total to a whooping £811.76 for our Fire Fit Challenge Event.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the egg and spoon relay, everyone who supported, organised, helped with refreshments and even took time to read our blog about the event! Thank you!

Fingers crossed next year we can make the Great Egg and Spoon Relay of Matchborough even bigger and better than this years, stay tuned! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News – Firefit Eggstravaganza Final Total

  1. layersband says:

    Amazing work! Well done to everyone involved!

  2. Sadie A says:

    YAY! Good stuff

  3. Thanks Sadie! Come back and visit the centre soon 🙂

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