Spectrum Club Snapshot in Photos

We thought we would treat you to an insight into our Spectrum Club world using photographs from a session on March 29th.

The Spectrum Club is currently funded by Children In Need (big thank you to anyone who donates) and is for youngsters diagnosed with Aspergers. On the surface it is merely a youth club session for those with Aspergers, but for the members and their families it is much more .

We offer the youngsters a safe, fun and friendly environment where they can try new things and make genuine friendships without the fear of bullying or confusing social hierarchies. Many young people who attend have previously struggled to make friendships but have fitted in and found likeminded peers at the club.

The Spectrum Club is awesome and so are it’s members and volunteers, check out the photos to see for yourself…

(Includes pics from the ‘eating a tin of baked beans with a cocktail stick’ challenge!)

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