First of the Wish List orders to arrive!

Christmas came early this year- March in fact, when we received a 20 box strong order of art materials from Seawhite of Brighton. I have uploaded a few photo’s of the order in a slideshow, it’s not even all of what we received so you can imagine how much turned up!

If you have been following our blog you will remember hearing about a generous donor that came forward to fund plenty of lovely resources for our project.

The generous donor is Phil Haslam from HSL Property. It is the first of many orders he has kindly offered to donate to our project.

We can’t wait until more orders turn up, and for Phil to visit the project so we can thank him in person!

Will update again with pics when we get our next lot of goodies 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photos don’t do the size of the paint tubs any justice, the large ones are a whooping litre each! Also the cutting mat is the biggest I have ever seen. Some of the canvasses that arrived are absolutely massive too, can’t wait for the youngsters to get their hands on them and create some mega masterpieces.

Thanks to Jordan our volunteer who kindly came in to help us unpack and sort the order out, he was rewarded with unlimited cups of tea 🙂

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2 thoughts on “First of the Wish List orders to arrive!

  1. bruno says:

    what a generous gift. money well spent

  2. I know, it will definitely be put to good use!

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