So that’s what a Mayor does

I never really understood what mayors did.

That was until I saw Anita Clayton in action at our Fire Fit challenge (a 2.5 hour egg and spoon fundraising egg-stravaganza see the next post) .

Anita starts the fire fit challenge

She opened the event up, took part, cheered participants on for over two and a half hours and then gave out certificates. With her support 37 people and and one dog took part. They covered over 45 miles and raised over £200 with another £200 pledged. All of the money will go towards our With It Group (our over 50’s group).

Taking time to chat and share a joke

Lots of politicians pop in for the photo opportunity and then pop out shortly afterwards.  Anita was there from start to finish and was a veritable human dynamo. Her positive attitude, genuine interest and encouragement really made a huge difference. She even insisted on giving Claude the dog a certificate of participation … it’s the little details don’t you think?.

Thanks for your support Anita.

I understand what a good mayor does now.

Claude gets his certificate for completing the challenge

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