Who let the dogs out?

Our resident youth work dog Claude has had some fellow four legged friends visit the project recently.


Bluey the beautiful bodybuilding English Bull Terrier popped by, weighing more than some of our Art Club members!


And the lovely Neville who Pauline is dog sitting whilst his owner is currently in hospital. He is being looked after well though and has been welcomed by our members as you can see.


He is so small we keep losing him in the centre and finding him asleep on any comfy chair he can manage to jump up on when no-one is looking.

Poor unsuspecting Henry the vacuum got attacked in the line of duty when Nev took an instant dislike to him as you can see from the photo!


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2 thoughts on “Who let the dogs out?

  1. bruno says:

    where,s Arnie then

  2. He has not been in the centre this week as Neville has been on the scene. He will appear on here soon enough!

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