February at Your Ideas

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February is over and we have a lot to show for it, here is a round up to keep you up to date…

-Arrow Vale students enjoyed a training session at the Redditch Skate Park, they were lucky to be some of the first riders to try some of the newly built ramps too. They also celebrated Shrove Tuesday with some pancake making.

-Pauline, the project manager celebrated a birthday at the project which benefitted everyone as there was cake involved! The biggest challenge was trying to get 6 teenage boys to sing happy birthday, so the group were treated to my terribly awkward solo effort!

-Alan Walker volunteered his time, skills and tools with the Arrow Vale students to create some stands for our large wooden butterflies so that we can display them in our window.

-Our 50+ club had a visitor from the Redditch Firestation to discuss their Firefit Health Challenge on Friday 9th March, followed by a game of novelty bingo and a quiz hosted by Dave Wilkins.

-Artist Rich Inwood visited an Art Club session and taught young people new art skills around use of colour and shading techniques which was greatly received by the young people. We can’t wait for him to come and deliver 3 days of art workshops in the Easter half term.

-The centre is looking colourful as young people are churning out incredible artwork using diverse materials, styles and of various sizes. We are getting excited for the upcoming public display of our work this summer, we will be needing a big space to exhibit all of this work though…

-Our secret millionaire style donor has asked for our final detailed wish list orders to be sent over so he can pay for them and I am ecstatic about it! We are very short of money at the project as many of you know, and this generous donor has really saved our bacon as far as replenishing art resources and materials. Amazon wishlist is my new favourite thing as it is so easy to create an online list of loveliness!

-A core group of local youngsters have written a grant application to fund a project looking at gang culture including weapons and anti-social behaviour. Fingers crossed they are successful, we update when we know more.

-We would like to welcome our 4 new volunteers to the project who are helping with our Spectrum Clubs and our Art club, they are all incredibly skilled and are all fitting in well at ‘Your Ideas’.

That was one hell of a post, sorry it was so long! As you can see we have been busy bees!

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