Your Ideas weekly digest!

Another busy week at Your Ideas, not uncommon the week before half term though! Apologies for the lack of posts.

So here is a quick round up of what has happened at the project…

-Sadly 2 of our groups were cancelled last week due to threats of snow and the lingering ice and freezing conditions in Matchborough at our project making it a quieter week than usual. Luckily our other groups were unaffected and turned up in full force churning out artwork and leaving behind a trail of destruction!

-This half term we are closed to have a good sort out at the project and catch up on some serious paperwork and bid writing. We are running one Art Club session for local youngsters on Wednesday afternoon with help from Pete & June, local craft experts and Your Ideas regulars which looks to be brilliant.

-The 50+ WIG group are getting ready to take part in the Redditch Fire Fit Health Challenge on March 9th 2012 by embarking on a egg and spoon relay in Matchborough Centre Redditch to raise money and get active. Look out for our Fire Fit post coming soon, or for more details on what the Fire Fit challenge is then check the link below…                      

-Our Valentines window is nearly complete with artwork created by our wonderfully talented Art Club members, this year we have gone for a ‘Love Your Community’ theme. Pop by the centre to have a look for yourself, and even let us know what you think! For those of you too far to visit, I will add a photo this week so you don’t miss out 🙂

-We had some great news last week when we were given the go ahead to start putting our orders through from our generous donor, seriously cannot wait until all of the resources turn up – it’ll be like Christmas all over again!

-Anyone who has visited our project and used our toilets will understand why I am so happy that a generous volunteer has offered to help decorate the monstrosities with us. They look dingier than some of the worst pubs I have had the misfortune of visiting and are letting down what is otherwise a bright, colourful and welcoming cenrtre. So far he has organised the paint and we have found some local recruits, so all we need to find now is the time to get painting and I can’t wait 🙂

Have added a quick slideshow below of some of the work we have been creating over the last 2 weeks, from hearts to tattooed mannequins to the humble beginnings of a papier mache hot air balloon, will add more soon!

Now to get back to our big sort out 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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3 thoughts on “Your Ideas weekly digest!

  1. Bruno says:

    interesting and informative as always. enjoyed it all but a bit concerned about the dodgy looking gal loitering outside.?

  2. You should have gone to Specsavers Bruno, that dodgy looking loitering gal is actually a dodgy looking loitering guy! But thanks for checking out our blog, really appreciate it 🙂

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