New year, new start!

Happy New Year All!

So yesterday was our first day back in the centre and involved a day of de-christmassing. Thankfully we had a few knocks at the door soon after we arrived by some bored local youngsters who were soon roped into helping us take down decorations in exchange for tea and biscuits – fair trade? We thought so!

After the decorations were packed away the youngsters set upon the spontaneous challenge of re-fitting a temporary window display using artwork they could find in the centre, and *gasp* even cleaning the windows!

As predicted, with re-opening the project after a break, local members were soon flooding back to the centre eager to catch up with staff, play pool and find our what projects are coming up this year.

With the centre back to (some form of) normality, we are ready to get back to work! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “New year, new start!

  1. showard76 says:

    nice t-shirt, shy though? lol

  2. He is far from shy, just never one to miss a photo opportunity haha!

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