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Children in Need funding, one year later..

It was a year ago when we received our Children in Need funding to run and develop our awesome Spectrum Club project, (a youth club exclusively for young people diagnosed on the autistic spectrum) time has flown by!

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Your Ideas Redditch blog feature

We have been featured in a photography challenge blog, check it out! 🙂

S.L.Grigg - Author

I set myself a new challenge as part of my ROW80 goals for this round, the challenge was:

Photography – Approach 1 stranger, photograph them and blog about it – another challenge, to get me out of the house and meeting people – should be interesting! hopefully one a week, but not sure yet – still a new idea!

Now that I have my theme ‘Community’ I am heading out each week to find someone new to photograph and write about, here is this weeks subject…

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Another busy week at Your Ideas…

Another week has passed and the centre is rapidly filling up with new artwork, the youngsters are just churning it out! Our recycling theme is really taking off and is saving the planet/our bank balance too 😉

Our Art Attack inspired Croc is now complete and is being displayed in our window in Matchborough Centre, Redditch.

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Want to know more about Your Ideas?

To find out more information on Your Ideas Youth & Community Project check out our full website at

There you can find out more about our projects, groups and our lovely centre 🙂

We are also on Twitter

And Facebook!

Thanks for following and checking us out 🙂
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When Art Attacks at Your Ideas Redditch

One of our regular members came in last week inspired by something he had seen created on Art Attack. We left him to his own devices and pointed him in the direction of resources he would ask for every now and then, until he came up with this beauty! It just needs some last finishing touches and it will be complete, and a welcome addition to the Your Ideas Redditch project.

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Using tiny pieces to create masterpieces.

Our Art Club have started work on their mosaic project by recycling old canvasses using wallpaper paste, random scraps of paper, old cds and glitter to produce mini masterpieces.

These pieces are now on display in our window at the Your Ideas Redditch headquarters in Matchborough. We will be updating the window display often to showcase the work the art club are creating so please pop by and check it out 🙂

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You wood’nt believe what we made on Tuesday…

Tuesday showed the return of our Arrow Vale Students and the challenge of creating wooden garden items. The first challenge was a wooden plant holder which was a success!

The next challenge was to make a miniature garden chair/plant holder but unfortunately the nails were too short and the wood too thick which was a recipe for disaster 😦 Below shows the aftermath of the groups efforts…

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Saving the planet, one cardboard creature at a time..

Today we got cracking with the first recycling project of the year, with the help of one enthusiastic but bored young man. What started as an innocent conversation, ended in a 2 hour Art Attack style craft session. Here are the fruits of our labour!

Just need to paint them and find a way of fixing them to our ever expanding wall mural now, will post a pic when I figure out how :).

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Wishes do come true!

Second post of the day, getting a bit too into this blogging malarky!!

Today was spent sorting out resources for some cool upcoming projects including some 3d wooden sculptures, mosaics, big canvasses and a ridiculous amounts of other recycled art. Any ideas of what to make out of old ties are welcome!

The rest of the day was spent gleefully scouring art catalogues and the internet, and for once it wasn’t wishful window shopping!

Just before Christmas we were blessed with our version of the Secret Millionaire (well as close as we are going to come to one), as a property developer asked us to get together a wish list of resources we need for the centre.

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New year, new start!

Happy New Year All!

So yesterday was our first day back in the centre and involved a day of de-christmassing. Thankfully we had a few knocks at the door soon after we arrived by some bored local youngsters who were soon roped into helping us take down decorations in exchange for tea and biscuits – fair trade? We thought so!

After the decorations were packed away the youngsters set upon the spontaneous challenge of re-fitting a temporary window display using artwork they could find in the centre, and *gasp* even cleaning the windows!

As predicted, with re-opening the project after a break, local members were soon flooding back to the centre eager to catch up with staff, play pool and find our what projects are coming up this year.

With the centre back to (some form of) normality, we are ready to get back to work! 🙂

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Christmas at Your Ideas

So we closed shop for Christmas 2011 to get some well deserved rest ready for what 2012 will bring.

December was a bit of a blur but we’ll let you in on some of our highlights…

-Our 2 Spectrum groups joined forces for a Christmas party to remember with a night of festivities, food and fun!

-The WIG (With It Group) showed off their entrepreneurial skills with a festive fundraiser for their group.

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